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  • King of the Hill
    In this game you have to depend your castle at all costs and stay king of the hill. You have four lives, losing a life and a catapult when an enemy reaches your castle walls or you get hit by catapult fire.
  • Cheeky Honey Boo Dress up
    Cheeky Honey-Boo loves to dress up in the dinkiest little outfits - only available at the tres' chic Cutique Boutique of course! Be her own personal stylist! Pick the adorable ultra-trendy or wacky gear and accessories by clicking on a drawer to open it and use the arrows to select an item. Have fun!
  • Mi Life April
    Shoot the crazy creatures and stay away from them. Jump around grabbing projects laying around.
  • Cute Baby Doll Dress
    Just because a look is girls-inspired doesn't mean that it can't be doll. It shows us that a classic girl's tuxedo-style bib can be turned into a cute baby-doll dress.
  • Cake House
    Create a cake that not only looks good, but tastes good to. Can you create the perfect cake?
  • Front of Shop Dressup
    Choose the right dress and beauty accessories for this lovely girl.
  • Design your Wedding Cake
    Decorate the wedding cake with roses, bells and candles!
  • Super Headers
    Use the arrow keys to move Stan. As the balls fall, place Stan underneath to head them up again. Head as many balls into the goal as possible. The more points you score, the more balls appear. Miss three balls and its game over. Good luck!
  • Mikaela Dress Up
    Help Mikaela get ready for the birthday party.
  • Rons Freefall
    Rons Freefall
    You've lost your homework out the airplane. Jump out and grab all your papers back!...
  • Sushi Sudoku
    Sushi Sudoku
    This is the classic Sudoku game with a nice sushi twist! Each row, column and tinted square set mus...
  • A Touch of Green
    A Touch of Green
    This lady loves green. Dress her up in the nicest combination of dresses from among her collection....
  • The Samurai
    The Samurai
    Help the samurai through different exciting levels by jumping over the crates and try to clear out ...
  • Tur3t Duhfenz
    Tur3t Duhfenz
    Shoot the turret and last away the strange enemies. Upgrade through shop....
  • Halloween Hocus Pocus
    Halloween Hocus Pocus
    Jessica Witch has mistakenly transformed all her pals into real monsters! Now Jessica must fly arou...
  • Orbitron
    Shoot the incoming enemy shapes as you setup a wall to protect the planet. Similar to Invaders....
  • Shadow of the Warior
    Shadow of the Warior
    Choose your class, shadow ninja, warrior, balanced and more, buy weaponry, shields and defeat your ...
  • Doras Pirate Boat Treasure Hunt
    Doras Pirate Boat Treasure Hunt
    Grab all the treasure on each map and unlock the doors to proceed to a new level of treasure findin...
  • Jumping Lope
    Jumping Lope
    Help this little girl jump over the rope as many times as possible!...
  • Dressup Easter Bunny
    Dressup Easter Bunny
    Dress up this little girl for the happy easter celebration....
  • Stage Gown Dress up
    Stage Gown Dress up
    This young singer must look good on the stage, can you help her choose the best outfit?...